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Tick-SR Tick Remover, 60ml Bottle, My Pet Supplies

Tick-SR Tick Remover, 60ml Bottle

Safe and easy way to remove ticks from dogs
Non-toxic and safe for both humans and dogs
Be prepared - if you find a tick on your dog, you must remove it quickly to try to prevent disease
Even if you use tick prevention products you should be ready to remove ticks - there is no time to waste
60ml bottle is 1.5" diameter, 3.75" tall, and weighs 66 grams. Good for about 20 applications Tick-SR is a new patented product that safely and easily removes ticks. It works by dissolving the glue that ticks use to attach to a dog. It also works to prevent the tick from being able to feed. Once the glue is gone, and the food supply is removed, the tick releases. Tick-SR also contains a disinfectant that helps to prevent disease. Using Tick-SR is safe and easy. It is not toxic More »

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